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María Blanco, Artist 


"I seek to create an indeterminate and open space that allows unforeseen and unanticipated emotions to emerge. This openness, for me, is the beauty and uniqueness of paint."

Maria is a painter, photographer, and long-time civil rights attorney. For many years and in different contexts she has worked to advance immigrant rights, racial justice and gender equity.

Her love of painting is longstanding and deep. As a teenager, Maria lived in Madrid for two years, where she spent many hours at the Museo del Prado, an unlikely activity for a teenager. Here she gained her appreciation for the old masters soaking in the works of Velasquez, Goya, Titian, and the Flemish greats which continue to inspire her work today. Born in Mexico City and a frequent visitor over the years, Maria also takes much of her inspiration from Mexico’s rich visual and artisan culture. Her belief that a painting is an open space that invites the viewer to not only see but to also shape what they see has led her to a deep respect and love of abstract painting. 

Works on this site are available for purchase. For information, contact the artist at

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